Coming up for air

If you were wondering where where I was, I have been wrestling with a monster, a real nightmare. Too big to fit completely into 1 brain. Just the static data schema took 3 months to design. On top of that, 2 complicated GUI’s (1 static data, 1 transactional), a core processing engine that takes instructions in one end and spits out files, reports and outputs to clients, internal users as well as 5 other systems with both a manual and an automated (Straight Through Processing) workflow in the middle.

Well enough moaning, its feature complete now (released to integration environment tonight, just bugfixing to go ) so I have a bit of headspace for blogging again, I might even have time to read a book :)

I found this really interesting. Parakey sounds way cool cant wait to see it in action. I am a recent Firefox convert BTW, the Diggnation


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